Dragon Pups (Ages 3-4)

Our Dragon Pups program offers a twice weekly class for our youngest students offer one private lesson (1-3 students), and one group class weekly.  Students focus on listening to directions, developing greater balance and self-control, respect for self and others, while getting a basic understanding of martial arts techniques.  We like to say our main goals for the DP’s are to ensure students are “safe, having fun, and tired out.”

  • one 30 minute weekly private lesson (1-3 students)

  •  one 45 minute weekly group lesson

  • Wednesday 3:30 pm

Tiny Tigers (Ages 5-8)

Students in our Tiny Tigers program begin to learn a martial arts curriculum that corresponds with our ranked belt system.  A slightly greater expectation is placed on this group than with younger students, with an emphasis on better focus through the completion of a given task to develop concentration and persistence.  In addition, students are introduced to our core principles of effort, sincerity, self-control, etiquette, and character. Still with a significant focus on “fun” students are encouraged to “blow off steam” and have fun while also developing basic skills.

  • one 30 minute weekly private lesson (1-4 students)

  • three 60 minute weekly group lessons

  • Tuesday & Thursday 5:30 pm, Saturday 10:00 am

Young Adults Class (Ages 9-14)

Our Young Adults program includes more in-depth instruction of techniques and the self-defense principles of our  Kempo Karate system.  Rank material is supplemented with sparring, club defense, grappling, and joint-manipulation, with a higher expected proficiency in striking and kicking.  A greater level of focus and self-control is demanded from these students, who are encouraged to explore their limits in a safe and supportive environment. Students are reminded to actively apply core principles in daily decision making.

  • one 30 minute weekly private lesson (1-4 students)

  • three 60 minute weekly group lessons

  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday 6:00 pm

Adults Class (Ages 15 & up)

Our Adults group class provides in-depth Kempo Karate instruction to the students with varying topics that change each class. The curriculum is based on traditional forms, defensive maneuvers, and kempos included in the student manual, and the adaptation necessary for practical application in real world situations. A intensive physical workout is also provided to develop stamina, and core strength along with a focus on refining basic techniques in striking, timing, gauging and footwork. Dedicated students develop a profound satisfaction through the unified exertion of mind, body and spirit.

  • one 30 minute weekly private lesson (1-4 students)

  • three 60 minute weekly group classes

  • Monday, Wednesday 7:00 pm & Saturday 9:00 am

Private Lessons

The private lesson is typically 2-3 students (but no more than 4) and material taught is based on the students’ belt rank. Multiple students sharing a private session is preferable so students can work the material with each other. This is where the student learns the material to prepare them for their rank testing, and instruction on practical application defensive maneuvers and principles existing in traditional forms. Students 7-14 also begin to develop personal responsibility through the supervised use of “controlled contact” understanding what it is like to hit and be hit. All private and group lessons are begun and concluded with a short meditation.