Amy Dunn

Amy grew up in Goleta and Santa Barbara and moved to Carpinteria where she lives with her husband and three children.  Her interest in the martial arts began when she was watching her young sons taking lessons and learning the history of the martial arts,  along with discipline, respect, confidence, self-defense and having fun. She earned her 1st degree Black Belt under the instruction of Hanshi Larry Boritz.

Experience: 8 years

Matthew Chung

Matthew began training in the Carpinteria studio under Sensei Steven Crump (2nd degree black belt), and earned his 1st degree Black Belt with Hanshi Larry Boritz (7th degree black belt). His love for the martial arts has been lifelong, and consciously chooses to empower others through its magic. Matthew and his two sons also train and live in Carpinteria.

Experience: 8 years

David Mietzner

Since a very young age, David has always been in activities and sports.  Striving for discipline, confidence, and a desire to learn self-defense, he began his martial arts training at age 15 at a small gym that taught jujitsu.  He trained there for 3 years and eventually transitioned to USSD in Ventura.  David has been with USSD ever since and has been teaching for the last 6 years.  David is now a 2nd degree black belt and he continues his training under Master Larry Boritz (7th degree).

Experience : 12 years