Amy Dunn

Amy grew up in Goleta and Santa Barbara and moved to Carpinteria 10 years ago with her husband John. They have three children, Elijah, Aidan, and Gabrielle. Her interest in the martial arts began when she was watching her boys taking karate lessons. Seeing them learn about the history of the martial arts along with learning discipline, respect, confidence and the ability to protect themselves while having fun was amazing. Finding karate a physical art that was both challenging and dynamic, Amy started taking lessons to get back into shape.

Her passion for the martial arts began, and at purple belt, Amy began volunteering to teach. After attending a USSD-sponsored trip to China she was hooked and knew that she would one day become an instructor and own her own dojo. Through a series of events Amy, along with her training partner Matt Chung, acquired the USSD dojo in Carpinteria.

“The partnership Matt and I have is amazing. Both of us bring to the table a strong passion for the martial arts and the desire to share this with our community. We saw a need in our community and together with the support of our family and the families of USSD we kept the Carp dojo alive,” says Amy.

Amy continues her training under Sensei Stephen Crump (2nd degree black belt) and Hanshi Larry Boritz (7th degree black belt). When not running the dojo, Amy works at a local community bank in Human Resources, plays soccer, and spends time at home with her family.

Matthew Chung

Matthew came to the Carpinteria dojo while enjoying a successful career in the auction industry specializing in fine and rare wine. It was not long after enrolling his oldest son Wes that he quickly found himself training more than three times a week, and participating in the U.S.S.D. Instructor’s Academy. Having developed a strong desire for community involvement through his work in the ManKind Project, he was troubled to see the Carpinteria studio was scheduled to be closed in late 2015. Matt and fellow student/training partner Amy Dunn, were keenly aware of the anticipated loss to be felt by both their families, and the larger USSD family throughout the Carp/Summerland and Montecito areas. Together they resolved to keep the studio alive and thriving!

Matthew continues to train under Sensei Steven Crump (2nd degree black belt), and Hanshi Larry Boritz (7th degree black belt). His love for the martial arts has been lifelong, and consciously chooses to empower others through its magic.

Matthew lives in Carpinteria where he has made his home with his sons Wes and Gabriel, and Stacey Risotti whose love and support has been an limitless resource of strength and inspiration.

David Mietzner

Since a very young age, David has always been in activities and sports.  Striving for discipline, confidence, and a desire to learn self-defense, he began his martial arts training at age 15 at a small gym that taught jujitsu.  He trained there for 3 years and eventually transitioned to USSD in Ventura.  David has been with USSD ever since and has been teaching for the last 6 years.  David is now a 2nd degree black belt and he continues his training under Master Larry Boritz (7th degree).

One of David’s favorite quotes:

“When you can’t learn anything anymore, you are no longer alive.” –Larry Boritz